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Oh, man, I came down with a cold like, just after I got back, and I still feel all stuffy and gross. x_x

But, to explain to anyone that I haven't pinned down and rambled at for hours yet, the really exciting part of the Eurovision trip was totally unplanned and awesome. Two pieces of information are vital to understanding what happened.

1) Tris and I had tickets for the second dress rehearsal for the final. The grand final was sold out like, an hour after the tickets went on sale, and it's not like we can vote or anything anyway, so we figured the dress show would be plenty awesome.

2) Down near the docks was a set of tents and a stage set up to hype people up for Eurovision. (It was called Eurovision Village.) Every afternoon, different acts from the contest and from Norway and at least once from Sweden came and did two or three song sets, interspersed with time to visit the sponsor tents and maybe buy some official Eurovision merchandise. One of the events every afternoon was a mini-flashmob, in which we all learned a simple dance.

A couple days before the show, we were at Eurovision Village, and we saw that there was a flashmob dance audition to win tickets to the final, not just to see it, but to be part of the interval act. WELL. We were a little hesitant about entering, since winning would mean we had to change our travel arrangements and hope that the hotel where we were could put us up an extra night. Also, we're american. We don't even have an act. ^^ Surely there were people who could use the tickets that were more invested in the show.... But, I'd been having criminal amounts of fun dancing every afternoon, and we didn't really expect to win, so we went ahead and registered.

WE WON. After we won, we found that we had been given not the silver wristbands most of the winners got, but black ones. What does that mean, you ask? We wondered, too. It turns out that meant that we were among the lucky 24 people picked to be in the FRONT ROW. There's no good way to express in text the kind of breathless excitement I was feeling. It. Was. AWESOME. I threw caution to winds and actually called my parents from Oslo right then. I'm sure I'll notice that on my phone bill. ^^;;;

The show itself was more amazing than I can even begin to express, at least in my semi-drugged up and stuffy state, so I'll instead link you to where you can see me in the interval act.

I'm most visible around 1:20, the blonde girl in a red shirt in between Tris (a tall, dark-haired guy also in red) and two little girls.
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Things I now know about Norway:
Everyone assumes you speak Norwegian. But, they will very kindly switch to English if you apologize and look sort of lost. Everyone speaks English except a few kebab places.

The bus system makes no more sense here. Perhaps less. I don't use it if I can avoid it. ^^ A tram (trikk) or a train (tog) is better. Get a 7 day pass if you're staying that long. It will pay for itself.

Police wear light blue shirts and will sometimes come up and ask who you are and to see your passport for no evident reason. Carry your passport. At least they will speak English. (Also if you ask nicely, many of them will agree to be in a photo with you.)

for me, at least, all directions are in relation to Oslo S, the central station. If I know where it is from there, I can find it. If you give me other directions, I will have to find a point I can find from the station.

It's really nice to sit on the steps outside the station and have a snack and chat and watch the people. It's always busy, but never really crowded.

Norway thinks of itself as a small country, which is weird, because I think it's quite big.

There is probably the single most awesome shop I have ever been to in my life here, a second-hand/surplus military place called Pentagon. Go there if you have any interest at all in military things or cool hats or bags. It is way sweet.

When there is a cafe or something with seats out on the sidewalk, you can just walk over and sit down and someone will come to serve you. They will not give you the bill until you ask for it. Tipping, I hear, is around %10 if you're pleased. (this does not apply to cafes and stuff in train stations, which do not always have clearly marked seating areas. Just assume you can't sit there unless you get something from the nearest cafe unless it's not near any at all.)

Useful words:
takk = thanks
tog = train
trikk = tram (but trykk = click, as in all these ads google gives me here.)
gratis = free
prøv = try (dressing rooms are sometimes marked like this.)
til = to (trains and stuff are marked like this, "lokaltog til Eidsvoll" telling you it is a local train going to Eidsvoll.)Fra = from.
jordbær = strawberry
Eurovision = Eurovision. XD "flashmob" is also exactly what it would be in English.
nå = now, on signs that tell you when the next tram is coming
ikke is some kind of negation. It's on out of service buses and on signs telling you not to do things.
billett = ticket
og = and
er = is (in trains, you get, "første stasjon er Kløfte" meaning "the next station is Kløfte"(If you can't figure out what stasjon is, you fail words forever.)

Okay, time to gte ready to go be in Eurovision. Because Tris and I are performing in the interval. XD See you later.
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I would like to inform everyone that I am currently in Oslo.

homg, LOVE. srsly.

A trip not without complications, and jesus, we're tired, but this is definitely not helping my crush on Scandinavia. XD
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I thought I'd make a post with some of what I'm listening to these days, in case anyone is still reading and is bored with their current music.

1. Lafee - Wer Bin Ich

2. Samsas Traum - Ein Herz und eine Hand voll Asche

Veering off from German...

3. Little Boots - Meddle

4. Morgan Page - I Fight For You

5.Линда (Linda) - Агония (Agony)

I have mp3s of all of these, so if one happens to catch your fancy, find a way to get me an email address and I'll send it along.

If anyone, in turn, happens to have an mp3 of another song I will post... I want it. I would like to take a moment first to say that I really hate it when I find a song I like and then I find out that the band are, like, nazi assholes. Because then I feel guilty for liking the song, even though I suppose there's no rule that nazi assholes can't occasionally make good music. I guess mostly I feel guily for supporting them by buying the music because they're y'know, nazi assholes. THAT SAID. If you can find Landser's Ost Preussen, this version, Pass it on? ^^;;;;
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I'm going to Oslo! :D!

Tristan and I are going to Eurovision, because, well, Eurovision! I'm pretty sure one of the rules is that if you think you have enough sequins, you need more sequins. :3

Also I've never been to Norway, and I want to see what it's like, so why not? I know it's not the biggest tourist destination ever, but there are some sweet museums, apparently, and lots of parks and like, shopping and also Norwegians. I guess. LOOK I DON'T KNOW I'M JUST EXCITED OKAY. :D

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Had an awesomely cool adventure today! Well, yesterday, by now. When I return to the land of the waking, I will tell you all about out exploration of Two Guns and our foray into local history.
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Does anyone remember that game, Dangerous Dave? Man, that was a long time ago.

Edit: I don't remember when I played it exactly, but I do remember we were running DOS at the time.
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You know, the David Bowie song Five Years always makes me feel like everything will be okay after all. I just find it a comforting song. Even though it's about the end of the world. >.>
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Well, I will say that 7 is generally faster and less bloated than Vista (not hard) But because I am a stubborn neo-luddite sometime, the lack of a classic start menu combined with the lack of ability to have all programs auto-open when you hit start (which will make sense if you've used it, I think*) annoy me NO END.

(Because I have the privacy options set a little bit high, nothing pins to the start menu, which means there's a huge blank area where all programs would open.)